June 2022
The company expects to finish its consumer-facing fully automated trading platform for Beta release.

April 2022
Punk Industries plan to do a Beta release its digital banking app, Swishypay.

March 2022
Punk Trader will integrate five altcoins to its trading portfolio, amongst other Ethereum.

February 2022
Punk Trader releases record-breaking results for January 2022.
For January, the strategies averaged about 25% in profit, not considering appreciation nor depreciation of the underlying asset, in this case, Bitcoin. The company use a hedging approach utilising bort long and short opportunities in the market, The overall objective is to accumulate Bitcoin or other traded cryptocurrencies. In March, Punk Trader will deploy its algorithms onto USDT (USD Tether) pairs, thereby increasing the number of instruments traded.

February 2022
Punk Industries acquire 50% of ECAP
Punk Industries has acquired 50% of the shares in ECAP Esport Ltd, an e-gaming company that has developed a social app for all esports fans and is about to facilitate the worlds biggest FIFA 22 esports competition.

February 2022
Punk Industries will release new trading results for Punk Trader

January 2022
The company plans to strengthen its partnership with cap raise teams to decrease time to market and speed up the listing process.

November 2021
Punk Industries decided to develop a banking app, to be able to seamlessly integrate investors via a smart solid solution in which to deposit, trade and use their profits via VISA card.

October 2021 
After one year of consistent trading results, Punk Trader released their YTD results, denominated in Bitcoin, being the main trading currency. The net results after fees were 210 %, not considering the appreciation of Bitcoin. With the Bitcoin year to date appreciation, the results are well over 500%.

September 2021
After a successful year, the company decide to hire new algo and platform developers remotely, partnering up with some of the most renowned trading platform developers on the market.

August 2021
Punk Industries, the Swedish fintech aggregator, sets up an office in Spain, to complement the office in Gothenburg, Sweden. The company becomes the holding company for the subsidiaries and plans to increase its activities in the Blockchain industry.

March 2021
Punk Trader and Broker24 start collaborating to create synergies. The two companies are joining their forces, combining affiliate marketing and trading volume from Broker24 to Punk traders world class algorithmic strategies.

January 2021
Integration of more exchanges concluded Punk Trader has finalised the integration of Bitmex and Bybit its platform. 

November 2020
The company will integrate more exchanges into its profitable trading strategies to be able to scale up the amount of cryptocurrency traded.

October 2020
Punk Trader has entered into a collaboration on capital raising with Inqubated. The deal will mean that the company will be given an exponential growth opportunity as the network strengthens the company’s other marketing activities.

October 2020
Punk Trader has started a subsidiary “PUNK TRADER LTD” in London. London has long been a so-called “hotspot” for digital currency, which is why Punk Trader has chosen to add a subsidiary with associated virtual offices. This is to be able to take advantage of the positive attitude the city has towards blockchain technology in general.

August 2020
Punk Trader seeks to partner up with a cap raise team. To facilitate the process of building the platform and organisation the company has decided to seek outside partners.

July 2020
Punk Trader, the electronic trading software company, has entered into a strategic partnership with a Ukrainian software development company, Sasha Digital Consulting. The Sasha Digital team has been part of the process since Punk Trader began developing the consumer-facing platform that interconnects with fully automated trading algorithms in the digital asset sphere.

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