Chaos in Costa Rica after a hacker attack

Chaos in Costa Rica after a hacker attack


For almost a week, the Costa Rican government and authorities have been paralyzed by a hacker attack.

Authorities from the Costa Rica Tax Agency and the Customs to social security offices and ministries have been knocked out, and earlier this week the system for salary payments to government employees was down.

The country’s government has refused to pay the group, Conti, which claims to be behind the attack and instead tried to get around the problems through more or less inventive solutions.

“Will never pay”
As stolen information has begun to leak, the government has become increasingly pressured. The country’s business community is beginning to worry, partly about what information may be leaked, and partly because customs are not yet working and all time-sensitive exports are threatened.

But President Carlos Alvarado stands his ground.

“Costa Rica will never pay anything to these cybercriminals,” he said.

Source: svt/tFe

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