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What we do

We manage a portfolio of companies and assets that have tremendous growth prospects in the fast-growing new financial technology and crypto trading market.

Decentralized finance and cryptocurrencies are inherent “punk”, but the real punk idea is that anything is possible. We are looking for gems, some unpolished, in the FinTech sector, i.e. companies and technologies that offer high returns while at the same time protecting investments if they are equipped with sufficient equity.

This strategy gives us the opportunity to outperform traditional funds and investment houses. It is the combination of our many years of experience and the latest technologies in crypto trading that makes us unique and valuable to our customers and investors alike.

Frank Lund Nielsen – COB

Our Approach

We are a Swedish investment firm in the field of digital financial assets and crypto trading, focused on acquiring profitable blockchain and software development projects, trading platforms and transaction services. With our headquarters in Gothenburg, we currently have branches in Frankfurt/Germany and Palma/Spain.The core team and board of directors of Punk Industries have accumulated 80 years of experience at top investment banks, crypto quant firms and tech companies. You have already successfully turned several companies into ‘unicorns’.

We believe investors in Blockchain asset companies alike deserve an established, trusted, and accountable partner that can help navigate areas of digital asset investment, trading and custodianship. That’s why we have built transparent investment products that facilitate access to this asset class while providing custodianship and freedom of movement of your assets.While most investors can’t access the leading prop shops or quant firms doing advanced algo trading on digital assets, we decided to share this knowledge and allow access for all into the realm of profitable algorithmic crypto trading.
It is our ambition to acquire companies with best-in-class strategies, algorithms and technology get our platform to surpass the likes of eToro and other social trading platforms within five years.

While most investors can’t access the leading prop shops or quant firms doing advanced algo trading on digital assets, we decided to share this knowledge and allow access for all into the realm of profitable algorithmic crypto trading.

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Strategic Partnerships


The Financial Eye is your eye on FinTech and Finance, being the internet-based newspaper that gives you all the news in just one click. They collaborate with us to keep our fingers on the pulse of what’s happening and to spread newsworthy stories and press releases quicker. The Financial Eye is your natural hub for financial and FinTech news.

DEFRAQ is our service provider of choice to support us in our growth. The DEFRAQ corporate services include a variety of projects, such as ECAP, Punk Trader and Liber8 Wind, along with Punk Industries.

Our Portfolio

Punk Trader (Stockholm) with a branch in London (UK) owns and develops algorithms and software for electronic trading in cryptocurrencies, with which one can implement automated, intelligent and super-fast trading strategies. In the very volatile crypto market, automated, software-supported trading with extremely fast response times is the key to maximum income and risk minimization. This makes Punk Trader a core part of our strategy.

The focus of the company has so far been on supporting professional crypto traders and large private investors who are looking for maximum returns in crypto trading with good protection. More than three years of intensive development work went into the software, and it can easily keep up with the world’s top trading tools.


Swishypay is a completely new online payment service that will be launched in the first half of 2022 and enables international transactions on SWIFT, SEPA and IBAN accounts (including VISA and MasterCard debit cards) for customers who hold their investments in whole or in part in cryptocurrencies.

Swishypay is from Lithuania, the new European centre for fintech and digital transaction services. The service has licenses from “Lietuvos Banka” (Lithuanian state bank) and uses the latest exchange technology for internet-based transactions with minimal fees, analogous to well-known transaction services such as PayPal, Revolut, N26 etc. Customers can exchange their crypto holdings in a fiat currency such as US $ or € and have access to them.

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