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Punk Industries investors are amid the most promising investment opportunities available. 
Blockchain, as an industry and technology, has been named the most promising business opportunity of our time, and has the potential to make profound changes to our society today. It is a technology so revolutionary, that some of the world’s greatest investors consider it a genesis technology, one of the greatest since the launch of the internet. Simply put, Blockchain is the underlying technology for cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and thousands more. Although, this technology is far more valuable and extensive than cryptocurrencies alone.

Blockchain is the safest, and noticeably more secure way to protect data. Punk Industries has interests currently in tangible areas such as automated crypto trading (Punk trader), seamless Blockchain-based digital banking (Swishy Pay), and others alike.

The scope of the opportunity is best described by the World Economic Forum, who estimates blockchain will store roughly 10% of the world’s GDP by 2027, which would result in around $8.5 trillion, a mighty 295,000% rise from today’s$2.9 billion. Another major player in the industry, the global investment bank RBC Capital Markets, estimates that the blockchain ecosystem could be worth nearly a grand total of $10 trillion within the next 10 to 15 years.

This predicts that in a decade’s time, the blockchain market, (including cryptocurrencies and decentralised applications) could be worth more than gold’s global market, totalling in an immense $8 trillion. If this estimate is correct, herein lies a unique opportunity that may not come back again in the next few decades. There is much evidence that supports the vast importance and interest in blockchain todayaOpens Up

Press Releases

  • Punk industries prepare to enter the Indian crypto trading and eSports markets
    by The Financial Eye on 21 March, 2022

    Punk Industries has for the last six months prepared to enter into India and launch its products. The company has been carefully examining the Indian market through collaboration with a local team of consultants and business experts.  Punk Industries has now decided to launch Punk Trader and Ecap Esports during the second half of this

  • Punk Industries acquire 50% of ECAP
    by The Financial Eye on 17 February, 2022

    Punk Industries AB, a fintech aggregator that specializes in Blockchain-related investments and services, has acquired 50% of the shares in ECAP Esport Ltd, an eSport and gaming company that has developed a social app for all eSports fans and is about to facilitate the worlds biggest FIFA 22 esports competition.   Currently, 2.9 billion people

  • Punk Industries – looking at 3,5 million potential customers
    by The Financial Eye on 14 February, 2022

    As a number of products in the company now is taking off Punk Industries has, in order to start to scale up, signed an LOI with a partner representing a substantial number of active members. The now potential clients have a history of investing in interesting crypto-related projects which suits Punk Industries well.  Punk Industries

  • Punk Industries to integrate Swishypay into its trading platform ecosystem
    by The Financial Eye on 15 December, 2021

    Punk Industries is developing a new online payment service that enables international transactions on SWIFT, SEPA and IBAN account for users who hold all or part of their investments in cryptocurrencies and will apply it on mobile too. The customer app for Android devices is currently complete, and the version for Apple devices is largely

Investors in Punk

In a rapidly growing market, we are on a growth path that requires growth capital. We invest in companies and technologies that are already generating very good profits and that have no long-term liabilities (outside capital). Financing from equity and the business model of our companies promise high returns on equity right from the start.

Early investors are able to get a good big piece of the action, as we value the trust instilled in us.

When markets move, we benefit from it. We de-couple profitability from volatility, as our investors are not invested in the underlying asset class, or the venture that deals with it. Rather, they invest instead in our ability to benefit from volatility through leveraging performance through investments in ventures.

Shares and Value

Number of Shares:
Estimated Market Value:
Digital Assets Managed
700 BTC + 75 million € in altcoins
Retained Operational Income
35% Average

Future Sales (estimate)

Turnover 2022 (in millions of euros)
Turnover 2023 (in millions of euros)
Turnover 2024 (in millions of euros)

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